Looking for answers and understanding how we are connected to the cosmos, in that quest, I found out Astrology and started studying and  practising it.

I offer you a personal and professional approach, whether you are interested in learning astrology or having a consultation.

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My Services 

Astrology Classes

Basic Astrology

Course designed for students with nothing or very little astrology knowledge.  It covers 40 classes hours and it is divided into 2 semesters 20 hours each. It follows CAAE (Canadian Astrological Association for Education) Level 1 curriculum.

Intermediate Astrology

In this course the objective is to teach comprehensive natal chart delineation. It covers 40 classes hours in-class or online instructions, it is divided in two semesters for 20 hours each.  It follows CAAE (Canadian Astrological Association for Education) Level 2 curriculum.


Natal Chart and a Year Ahead

An holistic approach to interpret a natal chart, main cycles and astrological trends for one year ahead. One and half hour consultation after preparing and analyzing the person themes. Recommended for first-time clients.

Solar Return

A often consultation for each year after the natal chart consultation. Solar return represents the astrological birthday, it is when the sun return to same birth position. One hour and half consultation to review and answer any question you the client might has. Recommended for existing clients.


A practice of comparing two charts to understand how each person is related to the another one. Insightful  information that helps to perceive the relationship. Two hours consultation.

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